Our ancestors were Hindus, Mongols made us Muslims... Video of Pakistani experts surfaced

Pakistan was created on the basis of religion. But still there is no peace here. We see instability in Pakistan all the time. But now a video is being shared. In this, experts can be heard saying that the ancestors of Muslims were Hindus.

Pakistani experts said that their ancestors were Hindus.
Islamabad: The biggest reason for the partition between India and Pakistan was religion. Muslims who went to Pakistan believed that they could not live with Hindus in India. While many people believe that a large population of today's Muslims are those whose ancestors once belonged to Hinduism or some other religion. Now one such old video is being shared on social media. This video has been made by combining several different video clips. A YouTube channel named Kanaria Research has shared a video.

In the video, journalists and experts related to Pakistani affairs are claiming their ancestors to be Hindus despite being Muslims. In the video, Pakistani affairs expert Sajid Tarar said, 'There is Iqra in our religion. It tells us to study. But today the people of Pakistan have become ignorant.' He claimed, '12000 Mongols came, because of whom we are Muslims. Either they made us Muslims by luring us with something, or by beating us. We will have to find out this. Because they did not come for Tabligh.' Tabligh means to spread the message of Allah and Quran, Hadith to others.

'We left our land'
Sajid Tarar further said, 'There used to be 300 women in his harem. All of them were drunkards. So he did not come to teach Islam.' A clip of the late Pakistani journalist Tarek Fatah has also been added to this video. In this, Fateh can be heard saying that our names are not Hindustani, some of our family members are Hindustani. Our parents or before them all were Hindus. This is a unique area, where we are creating a new identity by uprooting ourselves from the ground. Earlier, we used to wear dupatta. But since 30-40 years, hijab has come.

Pakistan will be torn into pieces!
Tarek Fatah further says in the video that a time will come when there will be no return from this. Then Pakistan will also be divided into 2-4 parts. He also says that Jinnah's father himself was a Hindu. He also said that there is a difference in the thinking of Muslims of India and Pakistan. He said in another video that Parsis have become Muslims today. But still they celebrated their festival Navroz. But we have made ourselves such that we have no connection with India.

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