Gave 1000 rupees and 23 lakh rupees were lost from the account, Insta, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook... a trap has been laid, do not get trapped.

From sending messages on phone to luring you to get benefit of lakhs, cyber thugs cheat you of lakhs in these ways.

Hello sir, a lucky draw has come out in your name, if you want, you can get it cashed. Sir, for this you do not have to tell us any OTP or your ATM card number. You must have received a message in which the amount you have won is mentioned. Now you just have to go to the link given in the message and enter the amount you have won and after tax is deducted in your account, the amount won in the draw will be credited immediately. As soon as you hear such a thing from the person talking on the other end of the phone, you believe it to be true and the dream of becoming a millionaire and a millionaire starts floating before your eyes.
You feel that even if it is late, your luck is about to run out. After this, you start believing everything said by that person. And without you even realizing it, you gradually get trapped in the trap of cyber fraudsters. And what happens is that you click on the link sent by the fraudster on your phone thinking that as soon as you go to the link, the winning money will be credited to your account. But it is the opposite.

Your phone gets hacked as soon as you click on the link
As soon as you click on this link, within a few minutes you will get the message of withdrawal of money from your account. Before you can understand anything, every penny of your hard work starts getting transferred from your account to some unknown person's account. And you just helplessly watch the money being withdrawn from your account. The method of cyber fraud that we told you is just an example. These days, cyber fraudsters are using new methods of fraud every day and defrauding you of lakhs. Today we are going to tell you about different methods of fraud so that you too do not lose your hard-earned money by falling into the clutches of a cyber fraudster.

A link comes to your phone threatening to cut off electricity
Cyber thugs are using new methods these days. One of these methods is the message threatening to cut off electricity. This message is prepared in such a way that you can see at a glance that it has been sent by the Electricity Department. Along with this message, it is also written that if you want to avoid any kind of deduction, then you should immediately click on this link and pay the money. Actually, this is a method of cyber fraudsters through which they hack your phone and drain your bank accounts.

In such a situation, if you or someone you know receives such a message in the future, do not panic. Before clicking on the link, contact the electricity department. Nowadays the phone number of the electricity department is also available. Avoid making any payment without contacting the electricity department. 
Message to protect your credit or debit card from being deactivated or activated
Fraudsters are also targeting those having credit cards or debit cards. They send a message to your phone in which it is written that you should visit this link immediately to activate or deactivate your credit or debit card. Shortly after receiving the message, you also receive a call from the thugs. On the phone, the fraudsters tell you that they are speaking on behalf of your bank and it is visible on their system that your credit or debit card can be closed at any time. Get it renewed before time. And in this way you click on the mentioned link and after hacking your phone the thugs cheat you of lakhs. If you also receive such a call, then avoid sharing any information over the phone and contact your bank directly. 

They also cheat in the name of high returns
These days, cyber thugs are duping people of lakhs of rupees even in the name of getting high returns on investment. A similar case has also come to light from Delhi. The accused have cheated a Delhi woman up to Rs 23 lakh by luring her with big returns. The special thing is that to take the woman into confidence, the cyber thugs made her invest Rs 1000 and doubled the amount within a few hours. After this, the swindlers gradually kept increasing the investment amount from the woman and after withdrawing lakhs of rupees from her account, the accused sealed her account.

The accused had also created a fake mobile app to cheat the woman. Police investigation revealed that the woman was made to join different channels of Telegram and Instagram and through these channels the woman was defrauded of lakhs of rupees in the name of investment.

Lakhs of rupees printed in the name of share trading
A similar case has also come to light from Ghaziabad adjacent to Delhi. A person resident of Ghaziabad has told the police that the accused have cheated this person of Rs 70 lakh in the name of share trading. The victim of fraud told that he had seen an advertisement of the accused on a social media site. In that video he was claiming to earn more profits through share trading. For this, the accused had also created a WhatsApp group which was named Ram Investment Academy.

The accused claimed that on this group they would tell people about the tricks of investing in shares so that they can get huge profits in a short time. Due to the greed of the accused, the victim lost Rs 70 lakh. In such a situation, you should avoid joining such groups after seeing attractive advertisements given on any social media platform. 

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